Easy Access
To Bitcoin Services

Who We Are

A software development and integration group with a mission to provide Hawaii individuals, businesses, and institutions with the best access to bitcoin and blockchain technology. We are actively helping Hawaii adopt and integrate with bitcoin – both the asset and the network. Our amazing, trained, locally-based client services staff is available to answer all your questions and will guide you through best practices, while prioritizing your privacy and security. We’re excited to be a part of Hawaii’s future. Aloha!

Bitcoin Integration

We have extensive experience integrating bitcoin and blockchain technology with real-world finance and business solutions. Ask us how our team how we can help you and your business onboard to bitcoin. Get started by booking a discovery call.


Education & Wallet Setup

Are you an individual, family office, or business ready to take custody of your own funds? Attend our events and webinars or book a discover call. We’ll walk you through bitcoin 101, help you choose a wallet, and get you set up using best practices, worry-free.

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Collect bitcoin payments from customers at your storefront over the lightning network.  We set you up with a Point-of-Sale solution, bitcoin wallet, business account, and access to a lightning routing node, so your customers can easily send you bitcoin payments instantaneously, and for no cost.


Bitcoin Brokerage Platform

We provide a brokerage application for buying, selling,  holding, and using bitcoin within a private, secure dashboard.  We help you easily withdraw bitcoin to cold storage, and use the bitcoin lightning network. Sign up today.

Supporting Your Bitcoin Needs

We cater our services to each individual client, family office, or business. You may easily schedule a private educational session or technical support visit with us by reaching out to our locally based Client Services Team. Discover your path to bitcoin today!