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Easy Customized Access
To BITCOIN & Blockchain Applications

Who We Are

A design and development group with a mission to provide Hawaii individuals, businesses, and institutions with the best access to bitcoin education, investment tools, and financial services. We are actively helping Hawaii adopt to using bitcoin and blockchain technology through our products and services, aligned with US regulation. Our amazing, trained, locally-based client services staff is available to answer all your questions about joining this open monetary network. We’re excited to be here. Aloha!

Blockchain Development

We are constantly researching new exciting ways to integrate blockchain technology with existing business practices. Ask us how we can help your business customize a solution for you.


Smart Contracts

Going far beyond “digitization” or “tokenization”, it is time to get creative about the way you do business. We write public and private smart contracts for asset tracking, claims, escrow, and other enterprise use cases. 

Accept Bitcoin Payments

Collect bitcoin payments from customers at your storefront over the lightning network.  We set you up with a multi-sig wallet, business account, and access to a lightning node, so your customers can pay you BTC, instantaneously, and with nearly zero fees. 

Bitcoin Brokerage

We provide a brokerage application for buying, selling, and holding bitcoin within a private, secure dashboard. As a Hawaii resident or business, you can discover your way to BTC and the lightning network with us. Email us to join our beta program!