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Easy Customized Access
To Blockchain Applications

Who We Are

A development group focused on connecting enterprise adoption of blockchain technology through product innovation aligned with US regulation. 

Blockchain Development

We are constantly researching new exciting ways to integrate blockchain with existing business practices and projects. We are currently developing application products that are aligned with federal regulation. 


Smart Contracts

Going far beyond “digitization” or “tokenization”, it is time to get creative about the way you do business. We write public and private smart contracts on such platforms as Ethereum, and use outside data from the Link Oracle, for real-world enterprise use. 

Asset Tracking

Create an immutable system of trust within your supply chain, delivering exceptional product data and ensuring efficiency. We can help you find a way to cut out the middle man. 

Crypto On & Off Ramp

We provide a non-custodial applications for buying, selling, and trading digital currency within a private, secure dashboard. As a Hawaii resident, you can discover your way to crypto with us.


Customized Client-Centered Services

We cater our services to meet your needs. Access your private account dashboard for a working space for your blockchain applications.