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As a participant company in the Hawaii DCIL, we’ll need your:


Full Legal Name


SSN, DOB, Address


Driver's License or Passport


Selfie Snapshot

Sign up using your email, phone, & additional biometrics or authenticator app to secure your account.

Verify your identity by scanning your driver’s license or passport and a selfie snapshot. Your documents are encrypted and after 180 days are deleted.

Connect your Hawaii bank account with Plaid. Your login credentials are not saved. You can easily connect with:

Central Pacific Bank
First Hawaiian Bank
American Savings Bank
Bank of Hawaii
Other US banks & credit unions

Easily buy & sell bitcoin from your connected bank account or by wire transfer.

No order fees (0%) the cheapest way to buy BTC in Hawaii

After funds clear (5 days) your bitcoin is ready for withdrawal.

Schedule a call if you need help withdrawing to your own custody.


A Bitcoin Plan For Everyone

Our simplified pricing offers you the best available, most cost-effective way to purchase bitcoin, while being able to easily access additional paid services.

Zero Cost


No fees for Bitcoin orders from our brokerage service

Concierge & Support


Schedule a video call demonstration, education session, or on-site support service

Have us set you up with a self-directed bitcoin IRA, a family trust account, or other wealth services



Use our integrated platform, development team, and open source software to securely offer bitcoin payments to your employees or customers.

Are you a business in real estate, insurance, or banking and interested in using Bitcoin or offering it to your users? Ask us about our infrastructure, engineering, and devops services.

Cloud Nalu Mobile Bitcoin

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We offer an easy and efficient way to acquire bitcoin and withdraw it to your own custody – safely and securely holding your own keys.

We work with:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Self Directed IRA, Solo 401K Plans
  • Wealth & Family Offices
  • Enterprise & Institutions

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