Pricing & Fees

About our pricing:

As an ally to you, and agent to an array of extensive services catered to your personal, family, or business needs we offer a unique pricing structure for our onboarding, security, education, and brokerage services. Unlike exchanges and other brokerages, we do not make revenue from transactions or order fees. We only charge a small “spread” which covers the cost of acquiring and sending you the bitcoin immediately. Most people find that buying bitcoin through us is the cheapest way to aquire bitcoin, compared to other exchanges. Our business model is based on our per-hour service rates, which we are happy to customize to your needs. Here is a quick summary of our pricing and platform fees, subject to change:


Consulting Services Fees

Account Setup Services – retirement, living will trust, family office, business onboarding $300/hr
Education Services – Bitcoin 101, best practices to maintain security & privacy $300/hr
Multi-Sig Wallet Setup $300/hr
Bitcoin Mainnet Node $350/month
Bitcoin Lightning Node $50/month
Business Bitcoin Point-of-Sale Solution $300/hr

Transaction Processing Fees

Bitcoin order processing fee 0-1%
Cash deposit (ACH transfer) (USD, domestic) Free
Cash deposit (wire transfer) (USD, domestic) Free
Market Order Spread Market Price +/-1%
OTC desk order fee 0-1%
Bitcoin deposit fee Free
Bitcoin withdrawal fee (mainnet bitcoin blockchain) Avg. Network Fee + 50 sats/byte
Bitcoin withdrawal fee (lightning network) Free

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