Cloud Nalu is a design & development group building a suite of applications for Hawaii-based residents, businesses, and institutions. Through our platform, we are on a mission to serve our clients with the best access to bitcoin education, investment tools, and financial services.

With Aloha from our locally-based client services staff.


Cloud Nalu Bitcoin Services App

Ready to invest in bitcoin, for the long ride?
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Hawaii Bitcoin Services


Platform Features

On our platform, you can register as an individual or institution, buy and sell bitcoin, withdraw it to your cold storage, and use the lightning network to collect and send BTC payments from your mobile device or business location.

Local Services to a Global Network

We’ve been in business in Hawaii since 2014 and are able to cater our services to the specific needs of Hawaii residents and businesses. Our clients understand the value of being able to reach us easily, by phone, video, or even requesting a site visit. Our team is based on Maui and Oahu and happy to walk you through best security and privacy pracices, buying bitcoin, and setting up a hardware device or Point-of-Sale solution for your business.  Through our ability to easily adapt to such a rapidly growing industry, we are able to continue to offer you the latest and greatest available.

Security & Privacy

Because we offer our services to a smaller, more targeted amount of users, we are able to hold security standards not found in other larger cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, we highly value your privacy and our integrity as a local company. We do not sell your data to other 3rd party marketers or spam you with the latest altcoins.

  • Easily access your dashboard with your fingerprint biometrics, TOTP authenticator, or Yubikey device.
  • Minimal data collection, for the minimum amount of time
  • Highest level of cloud security standards
Business & Institutional Support

Unlike most exchanges, we can onboard businesses and institutions immediately, and without requiring a minimum deposit.  The process is simple, and you can easily reach us for help. 

Aligned with State Regulations

Bitcoin is defined as property and has always been legal to possess in the US. However, Cryptocurrency companies operating in Hawaii are required to be regulated by the Department of Finance. Cloud Nalu is the only locally-based and locally-regulated company authorized to offer cryptocurrency services and act as a money transmittor within the state. More about our relationship with the Hawaii DFI, HTDC, and DCCA can be found here