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Enterprise Institution Solutions

Bitcoin SaaS & customer support service for banks and institutions

Development, Integration, & Engineering 

We’ve worked hard to bring the best of Bitcoin to a format deliverable as cloud-native and packaged enterprise software for you and your customers.

Security First

Test-Driven Development

Our team uses the best, most secure method of engineering financial software applications called Test-Driven Development. This way, only small changes are committed to a code base and each project sees incrimental progress. We are also focusing on developing with the blossoming free and open-source software community building with Bitcoin. In this way, our projects can be reviewed by many and maintain the highest levels of security. Finally, we are working on containerizing and packaging code so that our projects may be easily depolyed on any cloud managed server instance.

Join our Team

We are looking for new talented Bitcoiner's who can join our team as designers, engineers, and DevOPs with a drive for bitcoin scaling and adoption through the Lightning Network.