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Bitcoin Tuesday Meeting Invite

Every Tuesday at 6pm HST, anyone is invited to join our meeting to talk about:

Introduction to Bitcoin – the asset & the network.
Our platform features & bitcoin services
Questions & answers

The presentation is about 30 min,
followed by a question and answer period.

You may view the meeting on several channels:

Live at
Live on Youtube
Live on Linkedin
Live on Facebook
Or contact us to request an invite to the Google Meet.

See you on Tuesday!

Bitcoin & the Lightning Network (DCIL)

8/26/2021 – Thurs 9am HST

Brought to you by the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), Digital Currency Innovation Lab (DCIL) and Entrepreneurs Sandbox, “DCIL Presents:…” is a series of webinars and events designed to educate and raise awareness around virtual currencies.