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Recommended Wallets

We have reviewed and gained expertise in setting up these wallets below. All of these wallets are open source, meaning the code used is able to be vetted by other developers. They also have an outstanding reputation for security.

Blue Wallet

Blue Wallet is a free and open source software wallet that you can download on your mobile phone. This is a great wallet for any beginner wishing to start their self-custody journey or for those wishing to have easier access to a small amount of their bitcoin for spending.

Top features:

  • Quick setup and very easy to use
  • Convenient for day-to-day mobile payments
  • Basic privacy tools
  • Lightning Network option
  • Recommended for small amounts

Coldcard Mk3 Hardware Wallet

Secure your bitcoin with arguably the most physically secure wallet available. 

  • Your seed words are stored in a specialized chip, designed to securely store secrets.
  • Open source and highly vetted
  • Only hardware wallet with option to never be connected to a computer, for full operation: from seed generation, to transaction signing. Use it completely offline.
  • Large, manual click buttons and screen
  • Can be used in multi-sig setups
  • Privacy benefits

Specter Desktop Wallet

As the name suggests, Specter is a desktop based Bitcoin wallet available on all popular operating systems. Unlike most other popular desktop wallets that rely on some form of Electrum Server, Specter speaks directly to Bitcoin Core which makes for a quick and easy setup process for those running core on an old laptop or desktop. Specter comes with the best user interface I have seen from a desktop wallet to date and makes single and multi-sig wallet setups an absolute breeze. When paired with Bitcoin core, it has to be the simplest hardware wallet/full node setup available.

  • Works directly with core (no need for an Electrum server)
  • Connect to local or remote node over Tor
  • Optional built in full node
  • New wallet generation
  • Wallet imports (including Electrum)
  • All major hardware wallet support (including air gapped devices)
  • Coin selection and labelling
  • Single or multi-sig support
  • PSBT
  • Batch transactions
  • Watch only wallets
  • Custom derivation paths
  • Built in ‘run the numbers’ button for verifying the current Bitcoin supply

Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is a software wallet that you download on your desktop computer or laptop. It is ideal for those seeking more detailed management of their bitcoin and offers several advanced features, such as coin control, Tor connection, and much more. Additional security is provided by the use of a passphrase.

Top features:

  • Highest level of privacy possible
  • Advanced transaction features
  • Good passphrase security
  • Compatible with hardware wallets
  • Great account management (good for business)